Thursday, April 30, 2009

State Senate

Today, I was to have a meeting at The State House with our Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer. He was running behind, so I didn't get to visit with him but just a couple of minutes. I wanted to see about assistance for housing. His chief of staff asked me if I was going to accept the job, but nothing was offered, so I wonder what that was about. Andre did invite me to come to the Senate to be recognized. I wrote a brief bio, and it was read on the floor by Senator Mike Fair of Greenville, since technically that is where my address remains for now. So, the Senators applauded, and I waved. It was a bit embarrassing, but I guess I am now in the minutes. I hope to have a longer meeting with Andre later. He is a nice guy. I have a meeting tomorrow with a minister of a church, so we will see where that leads.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello Again

Hello again, everybody. I am still here. Where is here? Well, over the weekend it was the Master's Inn in West Columbia. It has been interesting getting used to Columbia again. Where things are. How to get from point A to point B. Stuff like that. I wish I could find someone who would give me an address. At least for the short-term. I have some leads but nothing definite. As for a job, same story. But, my first order of business is to find a place to stay. To make things a bit worse is the weather. It has been hot. My car is barely running. I have been walking a bit. I went to the zoo yesterday and enjoyed that. So, I don't know how much I will be able to write in the next few days. My apologies if I don't. But, I'll be back. Or, at least I hope so.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost Weekend

Back in the mid-1970's when I was in college, John Lennon left Yoko Ono and went to Los Angeles with May Pang. They kind of traveled together all around the country for several months. Eventually, John was reunited with Yoko, and they had a son named Sean. Between 1975-1980, they had a happy life. But, John needed that time away and referred to it as his "Lost Weekend". These past 15 months have been my "Lost Weekend" in Greenville. For the most part, it has been a nice time. Although I must say that the past 3 months have not been so nice. It is not easy without money or interaction with people. I have enjoyed going to the museums and taking in the sights. There are so many parks up here and a lot of green. The mountains have been soothing. I highly recommend to come here to anyone. The Arts are great. There is music everywhere. The only place I wasn't able to go was the Art Museum at Bob Jones University. It is world-class. I was able to go to a couple of concerts. And, I rekindled my friendship with four people from my past. There are some regrets, primarily that I could not get the support I needed to do drama in churches, but politics play an important part in that, and I found myself caught up in that. I now need to return to Columbia, despite the misgivings of some people who think it is a bad idea. Columbia is my home. It is where I grew up. It is where most of my friends are. I have been discouraged about trying to find a place to live. I can understand some folks' situations, but I have been hurt by those friends who haven't even responded to my request. And, dare I say, churches that have not responded. All they had to say to me was no, but we are praying for you, but not even that. If my faith was not strong, I could see where some folks would turn their backs on the church, as the impression has been that they have turned their backs on me. But, I have a strong faith that something good will happen. I also believe in what goes around comes around, so I cannot judge others' actions. So, another chapter is about to begin in my life. I feel like the time, when my father tried to teach me to swim in a motel pool. He kept telling me that he would catch me, if I jumped in. I didn't believe him, but I jumped in, and he moved away, so that I would swim on my own. He had to pull me up, when I started to flounder. That's what life is all about, ladies and gentlemen. You jump in, and hopefully someone will help you along the way. If they don't, you have to survive the best way you can. Every day is an accomplishment for me. I thank those for their prayers. I thank those for being friends. I thank Jimmy for letting me stay here these months. Now, it is time to get back in the game. I was lost, and now am found.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Qualities

In an effort to find a job, I wanted to make it easier for you guys out there. What are my qualities? What can I bring to the table? What can I offer you? What are my talents? Too many questions. So let's get started:
1. Writing--I can write creatively or precise. I have written songs, poems, short stories, articles, reports, plays and other things.
2. Finding People--the government taught me how to find lost people, and I seem to have a knack for success. It is like a puzzle for me to find people.
3. Selling--I have 30 years of experience in knowing what people want, and sometimes what they don't realize they need. I would love to open my own store of pop culture memorabilia, which I would be very successful with, in case anybody wants to be my business partner. I just need a backer. Otherwise, I can sell Luggage, Lamps, China, Housewares, or Music.
4. Public Speaking--I have a Master's degree in Communications, and I do very well in front of people. People seem to be presently surprised. Any churches out there? I have a program on prayer with my testimony. People say it is powerful.
5. Acting--I have done film, TV and plays. I have also directed plays. People say I am good, and I would like to think so too.
Well, I guess that's about it. Let me know if you have anything in the Columbia area. I'll be moving there very soon (this weekend).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Torture Controversy

I know most of my blog posts recently have been about my trials and tribulations. I can't say that I am anywhere near okay. I need help. I need a job. I need money, as I only have $100 in my bank account. I am not a scammer. Or a spammer. I am just a guy who has no one to help him. I am alone. Please go to PayPal, if you can help me. My acct. is I have no desire to publicize any gift. I just need a chance to regain my life. I would like to open a store of pop culture memorabilia one day, as I have a huge collection for sale. I have 30 years of business experience and have had a lot of success in selling. I just have a knack of knowing what people want or get them to want something. Please help me get back on my feet. Thank you.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I wanted to weigh in on the torture controversy. I suppose that what I am about to say will sound strange, especially if you knew me in college, when I had very long hair, and I was very big in the anti-war movement. Maybe it is because I am older. I don't know. But, I have little patience for those folks upset because the United States tortured some terrorist suspects. Let me remind you folks. We were attacked on September 11, 2001. Over 3000 people were killed, mostly Americans. They were people that were just going about their jobs. Except for those at the Pentagon, they were private citizens. People who left home that day to just go to their jobs. They had no idea that they would be incinerated or have to jump to their deaths. It was a horrible day. It brought all Americans together. There were screams for retaliation. We went after those responsible. I am not pleased about Bin Laden still out there, but we were able to capture some of those who planned that attack. We had to get information out of them to get others. This is war. War is not a polite affair. "Oh, sir. Would you be so kind to tell me why you did what you did?" It doesn't work that way. So, please don't tell me that we shouldn't have done what we did to get information. That's the real world. And, I bet that if you had a family member in one of the towers, you wouldn't be criticizing America. There is a problem with some people. Short memories. I hope we will never forget. I know I won't.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

Today is tax day. April 15th. The day a lot of people dread. When I lived in Fort Worth, I worked with a girl named Alex. She was a CPA, and she also worked at the same store as me. Alex was very short. That tidbit has nothing to do with the story, but I wanted to throw it out. Anyway, she told me that she would do my taxes for free. Free is good, so I said yes. I gave her my information in early February. Every few days, I would ask Alex if she had done my taxes. She said no, that she would get around to doing them, but she had people paying her to do their taxes. This went on for quite a while until April 14th. I was getting very nervous. Alex still had not done my taxes. I was never good in math, and she was. But, I had to ask her to give my info back to me, as I had to do them for myself. She said that she intended to them, but there were just too many paying customers, so I got my stuff back. I got to the post office before closing on April 15th, all nervous because I could see me going to jail. Thankfully, everything was fine. Since then, I do my taxes myself. For some reason, I have been audited twice in my life. Both times, things worked out okay. They were just math problems. Last year, I discovered that I could do my taxes online for free and get back my refunds quicker. That was wonderful. In the past, my refund from the state was about the same as what I owed in federal. It was a wash, give or take a few dollars. This year, I didn't have to pay state, because I didn't really work in the state of SC. I got a refund back from federal, which I had never done before. It wasn't a lot, but at least it was something. So, the moral of the story is don't put off doing your taxes. And, do them online. It is pretty easy. And, I don't have to do math. Now, if only someone wants to help me financially? They could probably deduct it from next year's tax. My PayPal acct. is

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

As Easter is approaching tomorrow, I wanted to take a minute and talk a little bit about that. If you go to church tomorrow, you will probably see little girls with new dresses, and little boys with new suits. You may see a lot of women dressed in pastel colors, and a lot of men dressed in khakis or whites. You may see a flowered cross out front. Some people will have Easter Egg Hunts. I used to hate them, because I never won. The shorter kids won, because they were closer to the ground. Despite the fact that Spring is already here, Easter sort of verifies that. It should be a time to remember why we have Easter. Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and then rose from the dead to show that we have eternal life with Him. It isn't about fashion. It isn't about wondering if your color chicks will live (mine didn't). It isn't about prizes from hunting eggs. It is about why we are Christians. Christmas gets most of the press, but Easter should get all of the glory. When I was in college, I was one of three people who played the Easter Bunny for a local photographer. We did it at Anderson Mall. It was me and two attractive girls. The costume was so hot that we couldn't do it much longer than an hour at a time without passing out. I had trouble looking through the eye holes, so somebody would have to lead me around the mall, as we gave candy away. Kids would get all excited to see the Easter Bunny, until they got up close, and then they would freak out and cry because the head was so big. I hated crying children. Word got out that there were two good-looking girls playing the Easter Bunny. One day, while I was doing it, 3 businessmen showed up. They got one guy to go up and sit on my lap. As he put his arm around me, he said "Hey baby, how are you?" I looked up at him, and said "Fine thank you". He looked through my eye hole, and saw he was sitting on a guy's lap. His face turned all red. After we took the picture, he went back to his 2 buddies and talked about how great the girl looked. He couldn't tell them that it was me. A funny moment. I have a lot of funny moments like that. I know that, when I die, I would live in Heaven. That is the meaning of Easter. I don't really want to go just yet, but things are happening right now. If you have read my blog for very long, you will know about those things. With $100 to my name, I am closer to my Heavenly reward than I care to be. I can't get unemployment insurance, and welfare doesn't seem to be an option either. If you can drop a few dollars my way, I would be very appreciative and discreet. My PayPal account is Thanks and Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Splain This

I have a friend named Thom. He grew up in the country and has some different ways of saying things. Of course, he knows the correct and proper ways, but it is just his way to say things such as "splain" for "explain" or "sketti" for "spaghetti" or "samich" for "sandwich". So, this blog is about "splaining".
1. Splain to me why I am not married? I was in love several times, but I don't think they truly loved me back. They liked me, but not loved me. And the only girl I think to really love me, I didn't love her, and she killed herself. Splain why no one will even hold my hand?
2. Splain to me why I can't get hired? I think I have a lot of good qualities. I won several job-related awards in the past. I know a lot about a lot of stuff.
3. Splain to me why I can't find a place to live? At least temporarily. Is there no one out there who will open their home to me? I know I have no money right now. I don't want to have to sell my Mother's rings. Or my father's gold watch. But, I am going to have to very soon. I am not a serial killer.
4. Splain to me why family members and some friends have turned their backs on me? After all, blood is thicker than water, whatever that means. I feel like I have been stabbed in the back.
5. Splain to me why churches won't respond to my asking them for help? Nuff said on that one.
6. Splain to me why rich people will give money to those outside the US but not to those needing help in this country? I don't want to name names here, but a particular American celebrity spends millions opening a school in Africa, when there are those in their city who could use that money.
7. Splain to me why Democrats and Republicans have to bicker and fight? Remember after 9/11 how the country came together as one? That lasted about 10 minutes. Let's put aside our differences and speak as one voice.
8. Splain to me why I can't win the lottery, so I can buy a newer car? Nuff said there too.
9. Splain to me why musicians in a band called The Cobbwebs can't get along? Can we maybe release the cd?
10. And, finally. Splain to me why people seem to underestimate my talents? I want to open a pop culture memorabilia store. I have almost $100,000 worth of inventory. I would be very successful with it. But, no one will invest in my success. I know the economy is down, but I know it could work in Columbia. Won't someone be my business partner?
I guess that is all for now. I hope this will not be my last blog. Help me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Status

Well, some stuff has happened in the last few days. First of all, I am quickly running out of money. No surprise there. No work. I have looked into getting welfare, but find that they like to give it to people with children. I don't have any children. If any of you have any children that I can borrow, please let me know. I have a few friends who are looking for a job for me. I also have a friend who is looking for financing for a project that I would very much like to be involved in, but I can't discuss it more right now. I am applying to places. I don't want to have to sell my Mother's wedding ring for food, but who knows? Then, I moved in with my college roommate on Friday. I was very appreciative of his letting me stay with him and his cat Mittens. However, my former roommate, who doesn't communicate with me, emailed me and said I could stay in the condo a couple weeks, so I moved back. It was a good move. I may still have to go back to Gary's trailer, but if I do, I am buying a can of Fabreze. Anyway, Jimmy is in Clemson. He is just about moved there. My address remains 2530 East North Street 14-L, Greenville SC 29615 for now. Despite all the roadblocks that have been put up to me, I am trying to detour around them. Trying to stay focused. Trying to believe. I'll tell you one thing. Do you know that, when you are sick, the minutes seem to drag? You constantly look at the clock? You know that things will be better, but you are focused on the moment? That is what my life is like right now. I continue to have faith that things will get better. I just don't know when. God bless us all.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Moved

I moved to another place, at least temporarily. It is a trailer. I have never lived in a trailer before, and really have only been in one other trailer. A friend from high school was named Tommy Geddings. It still is his name, but I haven't seen him in about 35 years. Tommy lived in a trailer in Dixiana. Oddly, this trailer now is off of Dixie Circle. What are the odds? Well, anyway, it is not very clean, but it is a roof over my head and a place to sleep. I know it is temporary, and I need to be back in Columbia, where I belong, but I am in a state of transition. I ask again if somebody will take me in within the area of Columbia. What about a radius, where we can pick up the Columbia TV and radio stations? Do you know thaat there are no local oldies radio stations in Greenville? About the oldest music any station plays is the 70's. No Beatles. No Elvis. Nothing. I need to get home, but meanwhile, here I am. Do I got to the post office and have my address changed? I can't afford a post office box. Do I just drive back every day to pick up the mail in the box at the condo? It is a 20-minute drive each way. Do I ignore the mail? No, because I need to get some stuff like my insurance bill and my bank statement. But, how long will I be at the trailer? I hope not long, because it is not so pleasant. Please help me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hugging People

Some families are huggers. Our family wasn't much on hugging. I don't know why, because I like hugging. But, it was blatantly obvious I didn't know how to hug in Philadelphia in 1981. We had done mission work in 1980, and a girl went with us. She decided to stay on and do work for the year there. When we returned in 1981, she showed up at our church. I went running over to her to hug her, and my shoulder caught her under her chin. I about knocked her out. I just wasn't a good hugger. I was very self-conscious about my hugging technique, and I didn't really develop one until my father died. A lot of people came by and hugged me, and I finally learned how to hug. You may find this to be funny, but it has been a serious thing for me. I really like to put my arm around someone for a hug. When my mother died, I was much better at hugging. I knew how to hug. I was an old pro at hugging. Funerals seem to be for hugging. I hate to say that is where I seem to do the most hugging, but I don't have anyone to hug, unless I go to a funeral. Yes, I have hugged people besides funerals, but it seems too few and far between. Now, for another secret. I dare say it, but I have tried to be totally honest here. I can't kiss. Okay, I said it. Due to the fact that my family wasn't big on kissing either, I didn't develop a good kissing technique. Another reason why I am still single, I guess. Any teachers out there?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grace Irby

I got the news today that the mother of a friend of mine passed away yesterday. Her name was Grace Irby. I knew her, when I was a member of Kilbourne Park Baptist Church. She was the mother of my friend Pam. I guess the word "friend" is too mild, when I refer to Pam. God used her and others in that church as catalysts to keep me alive and show me about self-worth and love. Two things that I knew nothing about. I worked for Pam's father at J.B. White's, and I also was over at their house a few times along my journey. Pam moved to Milwaukee, and her parents moved to Tifton GA. But, I continued my connection with Pam through the mail and later email. She told me of her mother's struggle with cancer. I knew that things were not good with her mother, but her mother had a strong faith in God, as does Pam and her father. I have written in many blogs before about the importance of friends. About the impact of that church had on my life. About the people who have kept me going. About friends. Death is something that we all have to face. We have a choice though. Do we face it being torn up by it, or do we face it with dignity. Grace Irby knew it would happen. She was strong and faced it with dignity. There is a lesson to be learned here. I feel blessed to have known her. Say a prayer for Roy and Pam today.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

Today is April Fool's Day. It was a big day in our house growing up. My Mother loved this day. Every year, my Mother would wake me up with the words "It's snowing!". I would wake up real fast; look out the window; and then she would say "April Fool's". The first couple of years, she tricked me. Then, it became a joke between me and her. We had a dogwood tree outside my window. One year, the flowers had fallen on the ground, and it looked like snow. Mother and I had a laugh over that. By the time I got to high school, Mother's joke was wearing thin. She would still come into my room on April 1st and say "It's snowing". I would wake up and say "Yeah right". And then came my senior year. She came into my room and said "It's snowing". I said "Yeah right". She said to me to look out of the window, and it really was snowing. So, Mother got the last laugh. I sometimes wish I had kids to play that joke on. Maybe you can. Thanks, Mother, for making our house one with laughter.