Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back Again

A friend mentioned to me yesterday that I haven't written anything in a while. I am sorry about that, but I have been busy with other things. I am selling stuff online via eBay and Amazon, and it takes time to list things. If you knew everything that I had, you would understand. I have also been making several trips to storage to get things out. Without a car, I have to do it bit by bit. Usually the equivalent of two boxes each time. The books and tapes are heavy, but I now have all of the cd's and dvd's moved. Half of the records. A third of the video tapes. And a majority of the books. All of the clothes. A few of the posters. None of the furniture. So, it is a long process. A friend said he would rent a truck to help out, but that remains to be seen. Also, I started writing a book about my experiences being homeless. I think I will have to write it over, since some people don't want to be in it, despite my changing names. Maybe, I'll get it written one day. One friend told me not to put it off, because it would be hard to remember things, but I think that will not be a problem. I have a fantastic memory. No real job to speak of yet. But, I do have a lot of meetings with the housing people, and they are helping me apply for disability. I have trouble seeing thanks to cataracts. Maybe, if I get approved for medicaid, they can be removed. We will see (no pun intended). I have been blessed in the last few months. I do not take anything for granted. So, don't think I don't care about my readers. I do very much. And, thanks for caring about me. It means a lot.